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God Speaks

God Speaks

I always thought God only spoke underneath a steeple,

Tears of saints, boasts of sinners, laughs of children,

Rainbows, hurricanes, sunsets and earthquakes,

God speaks to his people.

Thought there were designated deliverers of God’s word,

Scripture, history, her story and their story,

Movies, media, songs and sighs,

God speaks to his people.

Creeds, psalms and hymns, God’s approved message?

Dreams, glimpses, hopes and fears,

Murder and mayhem, redemption and salvation,

God speaks to his people.

Used to think that God only answered when we were praying,

Shouts of politicians, […]

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Call to Community: From entrepreneur to elder

Call to Community: From entrepreneur to elder

This point of turning, this time of transition, this season of transformation;

This powerful movement of God, this quiet whisper of the Spirit;

Urging my being to new horizons;

Places which are vaguely familiar, but where I have never before been.

Connecting to those whose inner graspings and longings are shared without articulation,

Knowing the agonizing brush with fulfillment; forever striving.

The world may be better, though we may not. 

Dreams blessedly elusive; visions, triumphs, tragedies.

Shaken from the cloud, conscious only of self; […]

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