Mission, Vision, Values

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Our Mission is to deliver innovative and sustainable Human Resource solutions for complex organizational challenges.


Our Vision is an interrelated community of business, social enterprise, and non-profit organizations which embrace problems as opportunities to work collaboratively, think in new ways and create quality products and services delivered with integrity to meet the most compelling needs of the world.

Core Values


  • Be honest and forthright in communications and interactions with others
  • Do not state, convey or imply anything that is not accurate or true


  • Integrate knowledge, experience and reflection to create informed solutions
  • Be self-aware and other-conscious in every social interaction


  • Be proactive and responsive to client issues and concerns
  • Collaborate with others to enhance client service and facilitate professional development
  • Contribute to the community


  • Always strive to perform our best with the interests of others at heart
  • Trust others to act with integrity and for the common good
  • Apply the principles and practices of the Christian faith including prayer, courage, compassion and reliance on God in all endeavors