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We solve your people problems so you can solve the world’s problems.

Greg Gast and Thirdstage Consulting serve as Human Resource Management consultants and leadership advisors.

We focus on the toughest Human Resource challenges!

  • Aligning people strategy with business strategy 
  • Assessing HR department and leadership competence and effectiveness
  • Internal investigations
  • Reorganization and restructuring

Problem = The gap between expected performance and actual performance.

While we do not invite problems, we do welcome the energy they bring in moving us toward new pathways of thinking and operating.  Thoughtfully and actively responding to problems can promote major breakthroughs in creativity and innovation.

Opportunity = To think and act differently than you did before addressing the problem.

Maybe it’s high turnover, perhaps it’s a failure to meet goals, possibly you are ready for an organizational pivot and your staff is not prepared.  The problem is the gap between what is occurring and what needs to occur for you to have a high performing workplace and a deeply engaged workforce.

Are you experiencing…

  • Low impact HR programs and process?
  • Disruptive individual or team behavior?
  • Failure to adjust to the changing business environment?
  • Inefficient HR systems and procedures?
  • Difficulty recruiting and retaining quality staff?

Envision your organization with…

  • Alignment between business strategy and HR practices
  • An HR strategy which promotes performance and engagement
  • Freedom from your most persistant people issues

Thirdstage Consulting provides consulting services which resolve organizational people problems and align strategy, people and processes creating the pathway to high performance and high commitment.

Contact Thirdstage Consulting today to learn how to our leadership advisement and consulting service can solve complex people problems and transform your firm’s performance.

Greg’s podcast on the business of consulting

Greg’s podcast on the business of consulting

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