What does Thirdstage Consulting do?

We resolve difficult Human Resource issues and align people strategy with organizational strategy to improve business performance and leadership effectiveness.

How do you do that?

We assess the gaps between expectations and current results.  We evaluate people and processes.  We redesign teams, programs and systems to drive improved performance and create an engaged workforce.

What is your expertise?

Our founder and president is a Certified Management Consultant with 25 years HR management experience, 15 years of business consulting work and, with four company startups to his credit, he has extensive personal experience in leadership and operations management. He is supported by experts in executive coaching, finance, IT, sales and marketing.

What makes Thirdstage Consulting unique?

We are very good at three things:

  • Connecting the dots: We understand the relationships between purpose, people and performance.
  • Assessment: We use quantitative and qualitative data to identify the causes and effects of failed objectives and misalignment and develop a vision of the transformed system.
  • Implementing creative and sustainable solutions: We develop creative and effective Human Resource strategies that initiate change, engage staff and integrate new ways of thinking and working.

What types of organizations do you serve?

Our problem-solving tactics and long term transformation strategies have proven successful in a wide range of industries—from law firms and hospitals to technology companies and non-profit organizations.  We bring particular value to companies with 50 – 5000 employees and are always excited to engage with start-ups and social entrepreneurs.

What do I do if I am interested in learning more about how these services that might help me and my organization?

Contact Thirdstage Consulting today to learn how we can help you solve your current problems and align your purpose, people and processes for outstanding performance.